Photoshop Shortcut Keys

Using Photoshop Shortcut Keys helps you speed up using the tool. These Photoshop shortcuts save you a lot of time. Photoshop provides shortcut keys for almost each and every action.

Why use Photoshop Shortcut Keys?

Most of the time beginners don’t know the Photoshop keyboard shortcuts while learning. Hence they have to use the tools directly to make any graphics. But as their experience with Photoshop increases gradually, they begin to learn and use many of the Photoshop shortcut keys regularly.

Where can I find Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts?

You can find Photoshop Shortcut Keys in Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts… or by using another shortcut – Ctrl + Alt + Shift + K

What are different Photoshop Shortcut Keys?

Here is the extensive list of Photoshop Hotkeys which you can use while doing any operation in Photoshop.

Photoshop Select Shortcuts

To make different types of selections within a Photoshop document you have the following Photoshop commands as shortcuts.

OperationShortcut Key
Select AllCtrl+A
Deselect shortcutCtrl+D
Select InverseShift+Ctrl+I OR Shift+F7
Select All LayersAlt+Ctrl+A
Find LayersAlt+Shift+Ctrl+F
Refine EdgeAlt+Ctrl+R
Modify > Feather...Shift+F6

Photoshop Layer Shortcuts

Working with layers is the most important and widely used operation in Photoshop. As a designer using Photoshop, you have to use layers for almost every image editing work. Following are the layer-related Photoshop Shortcut Keys for your help.

OperationShortcut Key
New LayerShift+Ctrl+N
New Layer via CopyCtrl+J
New Layer via CutShift+Ctrl+J
Group LayersCtrl+G
Create/Release Clipping MaskAlt+Ctrl+G
Ungroup LayersShift+Ctrl+G
Bring to FrontShift+Ctrl+]
Bring ForwardCtrl+]
Send BackwardCtrl+[
Send to BackShift+Ctrl+[
Merge LayersCtrl+E
Merge layers and give a copyCtrl + Alt + Shit + E
Merge VisibleShift+Ctrl+E

Photoshop Image Shortcuts

In order to work with images you have to do many things like adjusting Color, Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, and adjusting the size of the image as well as canvas. All these operations can be done using shortcuts also. These are helpful shortcuts for image operations in Photoshop.

Adjustments > Levels...Ctrl+L
Adjustments > Curves...Ctrl+M
Adjustments > Hue/Saturation...Ctrl+U
Adjustments > Color Balance.Ctrl+B
Adjustments > Black & White..Alt+Shift+Ctrl+B
Adjustments > InvertCtrl+I
Auto ToneShift+Ctrl+L
Auto ContrastAlt+Shift+Ctrl+L
Auto ColorShift+Ctrl+B
Image SizeAlt+Ctrl+I
Canvas SizeAlt+Ctrl+C

Photoshop Edit Shortcuts

Perform all the edit document-related operations using the following Photoshop Shortcut keys.

Step ForwardShift+Ctrl+Z
Step BackwardAlt+Ctrl+Z
CutCtrl+X or F2
CopyCtrl+C or F3
Copy MergedShift+Ctrl+C
PasteCtrl+V F4
Paste Special > Paste in PlaceShift+Ctrl+V
Paste Special > Paste IntoAlt+Shift+Ctrl+V
Content-Aware ScaleAlt+Shift+Ctrl+C
Free TransformCtrl+T
Transform > AgainShift+Ctrl+T
Color SettingsShift+Ctrl+K
Keyboard Shortcuts...Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K
Preferences > General...Ctrl+K

Photoshop View Shortcuts

Perform all the view-related operations using the following Photoshop View Shortcut keys.

Proof ColorsCtrl+Y
Gamut WarningShift+Ctrl+Y
Zoom InCtrl++ Ctrl+=
Zoom OutCtrl+-
Fit on ScreenCtrl+0
100%Ctrl+1 or Alt+Ctrl+0
Show > Target PathShift+Ctrl+H
Show > GridCtrl+’
Show > GuidesCtrl+;
Lock GuidesAlt+Ctrl+;

Photoshop Filter Shortcuts

Perform all the Filter related operations using the following Photoshop Filter Shortcut keys.

Last FilterCtrl+F
Adaptive Wide AngleAlt+Shift+Ctrl+A
Camera Raw FilterShift+Ctrl+A
Lens CorrectionShift+Ctrl+R
Vanishing PointAlt+Ctrl+V


Photoshop 3D Shortcuts

Perform all the 3D operations using the following Photoshop 3D Shortcut keys.

Show/Hide Polygons > Within SelectionAlt+Ctrl+X
Show/Hide Polygons > Reveal AllAlt+Shift+Ctrl+X


Photoshop File Shortcuts

Perform all the File related operations using the following Photoshop File Shortcut keys.

Browse in BridgeAlt+Ctrl+O or Shift+Ctrl+O
Open As...Alt+Shift+Ctrl+O
Close AllAlt+Ctrl+W
Close and Go to BridgeShift+Ctrl+W
Save As...Shift+Ctrl+S or Alt+Ctrl+S
Save for Web...Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S
File Info...Alt+Shift+Ctrl+I
Print One CopyAlt+Shift+Ctrl+P

Photoshop Window Shortcuts

Perform all the window operations using the following Photoshop window Shortcut keys.

ActionsAlt+F9 or F9

Photoshop Tools Shortcuts

Use all the Photoshop tools using their shortcuts and speed up your work of image editing. Have a look at the following Photoshop Tools shortcut keys.

Move ToolV
Rectangular Marquee ToolM
Elliptical Marquee ToolM
Lasso ToolL
Polygonal Lasso ToolL
Magnetic Lasso ToolL
Quick Selection ToolW
Magic Wand ToolW
Eyedropper ToolI
3D Material Eyedropper ToolI
Color Sampler ToolI
Ruler ToolI
Note ToolI
Count ToolI
Crop ToolC
Perspective Crop ToolC
Slice ToolC
Slice Select ToolC
Spot Healing Brush ToolJ
Healing Brush ToolJ
Patch ToolJ
Content-Aware Move ToolJ
Red Eye ToolJ
Brush ToolB
Pencil ToolB
Color Replacement ToolB
Mixer Brush ToolB
Clone Stamp ToolS
Pattern Stamp ToolS
History Brush ToolY
Art History Brush ToolY
Eraser ToolE
Background Eraser ToolE
Magic Eraser ToolE
Gradient ToolG
Paint Bucket ToolG
3D Material Drop ToolG
Dodge ToolO
Burn ToolO
Sponge ToolO
Pen ToolP
Freeform Pen ToolP
Horizontal Type ToolT
Vertical Type ToolT
Horizontal Type Mask ToolT
Vertical Type Mask ToolT
Path Selection ToolA
Direct Selection ToolA
Rectangle ToolU
Rounded Rectangle ToolU
Ellipse ToolU
Polygon ToolU
Line ToolU
Custom Shape ToolU
Hand ToolH
Rotate View ToolR
Zoom ToolZ
Default Foreground/Background ColorsD
Switch Foreground/Background ColorsX
Toggle Standard/Quick Mask ModesQ
Toggle Screen ModesF
Toggle Preserve Transparency/
Decrease Brush Size[
Increase Brush Size]
Decrease Brush Hardness{
Increase Brush Hardness}
Previous Brush,
Next Brush.
First Brush<
Last Brush>

Enjoy the Photoshop shortcut keys and happy image editing. Create awesome images using these shortcuts in Photoshop.

If you have queries and suggestions please free to comment them. It will help us improve our tutorials for you all.


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